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5 steps to hydrated summer skin

As I have gotten older, my skin has lost a lot of its elasticity and bounce. That also means that my skin gets a lot dryer with every year that passes. Because of these factors, I have had to experiment with products that compliment my skin type and help with the ageing, drying, and sagging issues I see in the mirror daily. These are the products I have landed on for keeping my skin feeling hydrated and looking all kinds of glowy:

Cleanse - You must wash your face. You just must. You can't skip this step, as it is a crucial part of the routine. Do this morning and night. If you haven't been doing this, start now and notice how gorgeous your skin will look in a month.

I currently alternate between two cleansers. I don't use them in any particular order, I just happen to love them both because they clean my skin really well and don't leave my face feeling dry. (Although, can we all just agree that unless we are using an oil cleanser, our faces will always feel dry after washing).

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser: very convenient if you like using your face cleanser in the shower because it has a pump. This cleanser is super gentle, gets the cleaning job done, and is great for sensitive skin with no parabens or fragrance. 10/10 recommend. They also have a foaming option if bubbles are your jam.

Ole Henriksen Wonderfeel Double Cleanser Makeup Remover: I love this creamy cleanser. It has a bunch of good oils and floral extracts and just melts that sticky, end of the day makeup off my face. This one is great to travel with as it is a tube with a flip cap.


OK, here is where all my people 40 and over want to listen up: we have to exfoliate. We have build up that needs sloughed off of our lived in bodies and weathered faces. We have been through a LOT -> tanning without SPF in our youth, skipping washing our makeup off, smoking (?), pollutants, air travel, more sun tanning, working, worrying, and stressing. We must've had a lot of fun along the way because we have the laugh lines to prove it.

All kidding aside, exfoliating the skin takes all the dead, rough, old cells away and reveals shiny, new, glowy skin underneath. We want to do this about once a week, twice if we've got the time. Here is what I use:

The Ordinary Peeling Solution: OK, hear me out. Do NOT leave this on your face for longer than 10 minutes. This product is hands down, the cheapest peel that will change the texture of your skin. I swear by it. (Also, I haven't had any botox for 16 months and this product is why)! Watch Risa Does Makeup's video for an in depth tutorial on this product.


After washing and exfoliating, we hydrate. Let's be sure to be drinking a decent amount of water to keep our insides plump up and hydrated as not to contribute to our already parched skin issues. For the face I love:

Elf Happy Hydration Cream and Elf Holy Hydration Cream if you're not into hep products. Both of these creams lightweight by my standards but do the job of moisturizing my skin beautifully. There is no greasy after feel with these creams.

For the body I love: Tangerine & Rose Botanical Skin Oil -> I'm obsessed. Disclaimer, I make this oil, it's a part of my Intention Blends line of oils. So this is a lightly fragranced body oil made with Organic Jojoba & Sunflower seed oils that has been infused with rose petals from my garden. It is a limited edition blend for the summer and it feels like honey on the skin. I use after showering for my body, on my hair, on my feet, and most especially after being in the sun.


This step is also a "must not skip" part of the routine. Also, Coppertone is not gonna cut it anymore now that we are older. Invest in a good SPF now that we know what the sun can do to our skin. Faves:

Rodan + Fields Reverse Broad Spectrum SPF 50 + Sunscreen - pricey, but one of the best.

If you have skin discoloration or melasma like I do, try Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum (currently out of stock, it's that good!) which can help lessen the discoloration. (In addition to the Ordinary peel mentioned above).


This is a step I always do so I added it here. I am always misting my face with homemade or store bought sprays. I just feel like it adds small bursts of hydration to my face all day long. I love all the sprays by Pixi by Petra, my fave being the Pixi Glow.

Adding: I believe that we should be lifting up Black voices in the beauty community more than ever now, forever, always! I sadly don't own many black owned beauty products but that is changing. Now that I have done some research, I will be making more purchases from Black owned skincare & makeup companies to review in a post coming soon. For right now, please check out: BLK + GRN: An All Natural Marketplace by All Black Artisans ... This is where I'll be shopping today.

Check out Mint & Ocean Apothecary, a Black owned Holistic Health & Beauty Company who is also a friend of mine. Here is her Instagram with more products.

And finally, Black Skin & Beauty Care YouTubers who you should be subscribed to (share your faves in my comments)

Jackie Aina - Been watching her for years. Not only is she beautiful, an awesome makeup artist, she is so damn real and funny.

Makeup by Shayla - Awesome looks, natural beauty, and for a long time she was on keto, as I am.

GloZell Green - She has been on YouTube forever and shares a wide variety of interesting videos.

Shameless Maya - Makeup, Travel, and Tech videos.

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