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Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Hello to you from my home where I have been since we were asked to isolate ourselves to lower the risk of passing on or contracting Covid-19 / Corona virus. So many of our systems have been interrupted and changed. This time has also illuminated many of the systems that are not working equally for all of us. The transition from our normal life to this one was abrupt, aggressive, and filled with fear. I'm sitting with the weight and reality of it all. Sometimes it feels like too much. Other times, I find a well of strength and feel very courageous. My emotions are so up and down and I imagine I am not alone with my feels.

I have faith that we are all doing the best we can in these new and unprecedented times. If you are not doing well, please reach out to somebody. Connection is really important right now.

Through social media, I have found some amazing resources offered by friends I wholeheartedly trust to help us through this. I will list them below, and if I missed an offering you'd like to see on this list, please put it in the comments or email me (

Story Bowl Circle by Andrea Scher. This begins Monday 3/23 and is offered at a pay what you can rate.

Creativity Handbook, a free source of grounding ideas for creatives in our current season by Jen Lee Productions. (This includes their popular Morning Sunshine videos).

Free Floral Wallpapers for your desktop, tablet, or phone by Lotus Wei.

Water Your Soul ecourse by Liz Lamoreux. There are 2 payment options. Pay full price and bring a friend for free - or - pay what you can for yourself.

Settling the Mind a 5 day online workshop by Michelle GD is free.

Breathwork by Tiffany Curren (cost and sliding scale). Follow Tiffany on Instagram where she has been offering free meditations and breathwork sessions daily. She is also married to our local news weatherman forecaster and shares videos of him drinking his daily ginger shots (omg, so funny).

My dear friend Pixie Lighthorse is the author of some of the most wonderful books to get us through the emotional rollercoaster we are experiencing. My favorite books are: Prayers of Honoring & Boundaries and Protection. Subscribe to her newsletter for access to free mediations and journal prompts.

Xanthe Berkeley who I adore is sharing resources for creating small films with your iphone & film editing apps.

The Science of Well Being is a free course offered by Yale. You bet I signed up.

Kerstin Martin's new course begins soon! Squarespace Express. There is an early bird special happening now - but the magic of this share is that Kerstin gave away 75 scholarships to her courses to people directly affected by Covid 19. That was such a stand up move in my opinion.

Pay what you can -> Online events and workshops for music and performance students who’ve had their shows, classes and lessons canceled from MMVS / Music Career Mastermind with Melissa Mulligan.

Naming The Moon -> Pay what you can! - The art of slowing down. The art of showing up for ourselves and our art and creating and own cycles and ways of knowing. The art of doing nothing, that is listening into our everything. The art of being and becoming. The art of making without knowing what comes next. The art of naming the moon. An offering from Isabel Abbott & Stacy De La Rosa.

One Hundred Steps at a Time is a FREE photography guide to help strengthen and stretch your visual muscles from Stacy De La Rosa.

My dear friend Deb Taylor is offering her 7 day Mish Mash course for $19 - It is full of recipes, simple art making, and photography.

Rose DePaolo is offering pay what you want Tarot readings this week! Got to this post for details.

Selfless Love Yoga is offering Free virtual yoga sessions, meditations, & sound healings. Visit the website for class schedule & links to join classes. (donations are being accepted).

My friend Annie of Primal Vinyasa Yoga is offering all virtual yoga sessions at pay what you can with a minimum $5 donation. Learn more here.

I'd like to share your work as well. If I missed your offering or any offering of integrity you have found on the socials, please send me an email or make a comment below.

We are in this together. xo Bella

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