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Small Biz Tools :: My Eule Planner

When Kerstin Martin announced that she would be creating and offering a daily planner for business owners who primarily work online, I knew I had to order one. I have admired watching Kerstin grow her business and I drink up every tip she shares about what works and what doesn't in her business model. She is generous with her knowledge and expertise, a refreshing trait in successful online entrepreneurs. If there were any planning strategies I could learn from Kerstin, her Eule Planner was surely the way to go.

There are so many awesome things about this planner. The beginning pages offer space for Business Goals, Income and Expenses, Newsletter and Blog ideas, as well as space to jot down your year at a glance. I have used these spaces to plug in real numbers and goals mixed with ideas and dreams of where I can take my budding business.

I love that each calendar week begins with Monday at the top and the weekend blocks at the bottom, a smart layout for a business planner. It has become a Sunday ritual for me to sit down with my planner and fill in the spaces with all of the big and little things that I need to get done. Using the Eule Planner invites me to feel organized, which is awesome for someone who tends to procrastinate.

Kerstin has opened up pre-ordering for her 2020 edition of the Eule Planner. Head over to this page to secure yours.

Affiliate disclosure: While I did purchase my 2019 edition, I will be receiving a complimentary 2020 Eule Planner in exchange for sharing my thoughts and experience with my 2019 edition.

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