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Winter Wellness and Self Care

We are a work in practice, learning how to navigate this life and everything it drops at our feet. The quote I have most often reflected upon during this cold, gray winter is one I found by @gottesss on Instagram. "In a world designed to destroy one's humanity, staying humane is an extraordinary feat. Celebrate your softness. Cultivate your caring. Tend to your tenderness."

This, friends, is how I'm making it through.

Wellness and self care require that you be a friend to yourself, even on your lowest days. You know the days when you can't stand yourself and your skin feels like a tight coat? Or when laying in bed all day with Netflix on repeat is the only thing that makes perfect sense. No need for apologies. Feeling it out and responding with acts of care is an example of self kindness. More of this please in 2019.

I'm going to share how I have been caring for myself this winter. Maybe these moves will be helpful to you? I'd love to hear what you are doing this season that is in service to your wellness.

Beloved Body Oil

I formulated this oil specifically to honor my body and all the ways it has kept me alive and moving.

For my feet that carry me, for my heart that thrusts the blood through me. For my lungs that do the heavy breathing.

I don't always love myself and I make no apologies about that. It's a complicated relationship, this one I have with me, and it is steeped in a history of stories I've been told and believed. I'm untangling at the moment. I expect to be doing this for a lifetime.

Beloved oil was a gift to me from me, a support of sorts to the changing relationship I am in at all times with myself and my body.

The intentions infused between each layer of oil is: L O V E & A C C E P T A N C E

I don't want this to be a marketing or a sales post. It is not that. So how do I write about it and tell you that this may be something of use to you as well? If you are interested in gifting yourself one, go over here.

Every morning when I step out of the shower, I towel off and massage Beloved on every inch of my skin while it is still damp. This is a luxurious, skin loving, touch therapy ritual that feels so game changing.

- P O W E R D O W N M Y P H O N E -

This one is tough. I love to scroll through the social sites. It's like, the best decompression after a long day. But I also love to have conversations, cook, read, make love, go out, watch movies, clean my house, and sit in silence . . the phone is distracting. It just is.

So. Powering down my phone for an hour at a time has been good for me. I'm still reachable to those who need me, not gone for too long, and I am present to what has my attention. Like I said at the start, this one is tough and I struggle to do this daily, but when I do, it free's up a lot of space for me - and I like that feeling.

- R E S T -

If you haven't guessed yet, I am a huge proponent of rest. At all times. In any way I can. I have invested in good pillows that don't hurt my neck and a couple of fluffy blankets that feel soft to my skin.

- C O M M U N I C A T E -

This may not be the case for everyone, but for myself it is vital. I need people. I need face to face time where I can see your eyes and your smile and feel your energy. I crave conversation and time spent with others so deeply. On the flip, I also need a lot of alone time to recenter after a visit.

I have been working at Target part time since last summer. One of the benefits to this job is feeling like I'm a part of something and meeting so many new people. There are so many other benefits to this new thing I've been doing but the communication bit and being with people has been so fulfilling for me. It was something I was missing that I didn't know I needed.

- M O V E M E N T -

Movement, not exercise. Unless that's your thing.

I don't hate exercise. Once I am doing some type of rigorous movement, I actually feel good and strong. It's just not really my thing right now.

Still though, my body requires movement so that it doesn't ache. My muscles get tight very quick. So I stretch and I bend and I dance. Occasionally I go for a walk or hike. On a rare day, I may go to the gym. I am thankful that I can move relatively well without pain and with a lot of ease. And that feels pretty good and kind to this 44 year old body of mine.

- - - - - -

I'd like to end by sharing that there are days I do none of these things. There are days that I lay in bed and watch tv all day because that is all I have the energy for. I listen to a lot of playlists on repeat. Sometimes I don't shower because it's too much to get up - and that's not a laziness thing for all you lurking judgers reading this - it's a mental health thing and if you don't get that, well, I'm glad you don't deal with mental health issues.

Be as kind as you can be to yourself. Even when you are not in a good spot in your relationship to you, I hope that you can find mercy and compassion to be your own friend.

xo B

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